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Plegstow is bringing the vision to the table in which you will see the world through to pursue a life of adventure, adrenaline, and excellence. Their pledge to you is to bring high-quality eyewear to accompany you throughout your endeavors whether it be a racing event or a chill vibe with mates they’ve got you shaded.


The owner of Plegstow, a prestigious eyewear company, was frustrated with the sales at its flagship store in Melbourne. He had contacted us in the hopes that we could help increase sales.

He knew what was wrong. After mysteriously devising a plan against the will of his team, he went with his instinct and decided to invest in custom packaging.


“I was skeptical at first, but I decided to give it a try to these guys. To my amazement, sales skyrocketed,” he said.

“People were drawn to the unique and eye-catching packaging, and they were eager to purchase my products.”

“ThePandaPackaging had the best packaging. It was simple but elegant. And it caught people’s attention. More and more people started picking up our products.”


Six weeks after getting the custom packaging from these folks, the business reported the following results:

✅ Sales of products increased from 500 to 2500 units a week.

✅ Average spend increased by £4.70 per person.

✅ A 450% increase in product sales.

To find out how ThePandaPackaging can increase your sales, please contact info@thepandapackaging.com or call us on +1 (929) 342-4929

“The packaging has given our products an incredible boost. We’re getting more customers than ever and they’re staying longer, often treating themselves to a second or third purchase.”

 Nicolas Alvin, Brand Manager

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